Marketing automation for
pharmaceutical & healthcare Industry

Cross Media Communication

At CLM Mechanix, we work with our clients to understand their marketing goals and offer effective solutions for creating campaigns which deliver.

CLM Mechanix platform provides Cross Media Communication channels like Print, Digital and Mobile to market to a varied client base. Each consumer has different tastes and preferences. To get attention to your message, It is essential to cover all channels of media.

Implementing Sequenced Cross Media Communication campaigns allows you to reach your targets multiple times across channels. Customer tastes and preferences continue to evolve and your techniques to gain target relevance and message retention need to evolve as well.

Web to Print Materials

CLM Mechanix Web to Print Software can customize print materials. First, Variable areas are marked in any marketing piece. These areas can now be personalized using text, images or both. Each print material can then be customized to carry names, personalized URL’s and QR codes using the CLM Software. One single file created by the creative agency can now be used to create unlimited personalized files. The same look and feel of documents can be maintained by a company across the globe. At the same time they have the advantage of localizing their message for better reception.

QR Codes/MS Tags

QR Codes can be added to any print material for making it mobile friendly. People can scan and directly reach the target URL. With increase in the use of tablets and mobile devices, they are fast becoming one of the most used channels for cross media communication. The metrics including visits, time spent, bounce rates can be tracked real time.

Custom Email Campaigns

Emails can be customized starting from the subject line and within the body of the email for better reception with the customer and hence better open rates. It improves the effectiveness of the campaign by separating our email from a bundle which we receive each day. Cross Media Communication is becoming essential for today’s mobile savvy customer.

Marketing Analytics

Reports and Analytics are made available for all the above mediums to track performance, make changes and for better segmented target follow ups.

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